Convert complaints into a powerful customer relations tool

Increase consumer contact to improve experiential quality and brand image.

Create brand and shareholder value with enhanced customer service.

About Us

Opinion Corp is the leader in customer service and consumer advocacy since 2006. We design custom solutions for your customer service needs taking into account the three critical needs of customer interaction: emotion, trust and control.


Businesses able to deliver goods, services and consumer service generate goodwill – consumer attachment to a brand. The latest interaction with a brand should always be a positive one.


Consistency, active involvement and clear communication build trust, which strengthens goodwill.


People like to feel that they can affect the outcome of a situation. A consumer is more willing to accept a negative outcome in a positive way if they feel that they have had sufficient input into the process and that the process is transparent and fair.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on four distinct but interactive elements

Listening for your customers

A perceived problem regarding your product or service is a single problem that is compounded into a double problem with a failure in customer service. It is this second failure that is usually more damaging to your corporate reputation.

Act quickly

Slow customer service creates permanent damage. The longer an issue lingers unaddressed, the less effective the remediation efforts and the higher the sense of betrayal felt by the consumer. Let us assist in designing the fastest and most efficient customer relations system for your company thereby reconnecting with a customer and their future business.

Stop problems before they start

Effective customer relations is proactive. Implementing a quick diagnostic system to identify and address issues is critical. Also important is the perception of fairness. Consumers are more tolerant of negative outcomes if they feel the process is fair.

Respond to consumer need

Discern the type of customer complaint. Long-term “loyal” customers are often seeking an acknowledgement and apology whereas a casual customer is more concerned with monetary value of the issue. Give the customer what they want by addressing their desired outcome.

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