Opinion Corp Testimonials

Glad the website exists. Lets people vent and expose scams and frauds. In future I will search the website before any online purchase.


“…I am very glad I found this site:.Thank whoever started it.”

“I love this “Pissed Consumer” website. It makes you save alot of $$$ if you read the reviews BEFORE purchasing anything from online companies.”

Jean Madore,

“This is the best sight that I’ve ever accidentally happened across! While Googling for information on a specific product I found your page enlightening not only for that product, but for another, and a service that I had on my list of items that I have been wanting to inquire about! It’s refreshing to find a professional forum for consumers to report to and be heard. In the 15min that I explored your site I was able to make an informed decision on those three good’s & services that I might never have. I’m so impressed that I’ve created an account that will always be my go-to, AND I’ve already referred a friend and family member to your forum so they can see that their experience was shared by other consumers. Thank you for being there! =)”

“..I Googled it to get some more information about the product and came upon this site. I’m so glad I did,.

Horrifying stories of customer service and Hair loss was enough for me to say “no thank you!” I will not be purchasing this product now or ever’.Thanks for everyone who posted a review!”

“Wow.I just got on pissedconsumer.com yesterday to complain about AT&T trying to put me into a contract I didnt agree to and within 24 hours thanks to my post here the issue is resolved.

No waiting on hold or getting transferred to different departments in AT&T’s useless web of lies, just results. An AT&T representative replied to my post, I emailed her and she credited my account in full.

THANK YOU PISSEDCONSUMER.com!!!this post must be one hundred words long for some reason so i guess ill keep typing for a minute or two.”