Write for us. We Hire Freelance Writers to Help our Team.

Opinion Corp is working on a creation of Help Center for consumers and you can be a part of it!

You will need to discover and write about useful tips, tricks, hacks, personal experience, which make life of consumers easier. You would need to conduct researches, investigations, read postings of our reviewers, search for media content and learn new things to share it with audience.

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We also have lots of ongoing tasks to choose from:

  • Articles about best and worst businesses in different categories based on ratings from reviewers;
  • Descriptions for different industries and helpful tips for users who make purchase decisions about this or that product or services in this or that category on our review website;
  • Comparisons of two and more businesses within an industry using experience of our reviewers and list of criteria for comparison.
  • Press releases;
  • Blogs and storytelling.

You can choose any topic you like from those that are currently available.


Where to Start from?
Complete the form below and wait for our reply within 3-5 business days.

Why to work for us?
Opinion Corp is a holding company for an online review website. Also, we design custom solutions for customer service needs of businesses taking into account the three critical needs of customer interaction: emotion, trust and control.

Quick facts about the website:

  • 3.5 million visitors a month
  • 70 thousands companies
  • 100 categories
  • 2 million reviews

Who we are Looking for?
Experienced bloggers, experts in particular industry or sphere, critics or passionate writers without any experience.

Do I Need Experience/ Portfolio?
It’s perfect if you already have a portfolio, but we do also consider candidates with fluent English and without any experience. We would only need your CV in this case.

How Do I Write an Article?
1) Receive a task, make research and create a detailed content plan for your future article.
2) Send us the content plan for review and approval.
3) Write the article based on the approved content plan.
4) Send your article for approval.
5) Send us PayPal invoice (see other payment options below) and get paid once the article is approved.

What If My Article Isn’t Approved?
Every article is reviewed by the team. If your article needs corrections, you can edit it and re-send to us.

Do I Need to Publish Articles by Myself?
From time to time you can be asked to create a blog on one of the platforms (WordPress, LiveJournal, Blogger.com, Tumblr etc.), publish your content there, and provide a link to it as well as the credentials for us to log in.

Authorship and ownership of copyright.
You will need to sign standard work for hire agreement. All content or other creatives that were created by you during the term of this agreement will belong to Opinion Corp.

What documents do I need to sign?

  • Work for Hire Agreement
  • Non-disclosure Agreement

* You will receive these documents on the email you applied with if your application is approved.

Why do I Need to Sign any Documents?
These documents legally protect both parties of the agreement.

Is there Credits and/or Backlinks option?
This can be further discussed with you upon request and depends on multiple factors and your individual situation.

How And When Do I Get Paid?
We pay every 2nd Friday at about 10 am EST.
We pay US, Canada and EU citizens via PayPal.
Ukrainians can be paid via Privatbank transfer.

How Much Do We Pay?
$30-100 per article depending on your skills and experience. Please send your CV, Portfolio and your quote for 1000 words/symbols to join our team of professionals.

What if I Have Additional Questions?
In case of any questions, please email us to continue the conversation: HR@opinion-corp.com

Please select all that applies. Use comments field to indicate something that was not mentioned above.

Please select all that applies. Use comments field to indicate something that was not mentioned above.

Please select all that applies. Use comments field to indicate something that was not mentioned above.