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-PissedConsumer Сom Shares Five Shopping Tips to Avoid the Crowds-

NEW YORK, NY- December 6, 2012 — Everyone is looking to cross off names on their holiday gift list this season, causing long lines and massive headaches.

Pissed Consumer, the most popular product review and complaint website shares 5 tips to make your holiday shopping a done deal in record time.

1. SHOP ONLINE – For anything that needs be shipped, this is the least time-consuming option.

2. SHOP EARLY– Go shopping the first thing in the morning, right when the stores open. There will be far less people and you will find the items with ease.

3. SHOP DURING EXTRA LATE HOURS – If the store is open until midnight, there will likely not be crowds at 10 PM. Take advantage of the fringe hours when crowds are thinner.

4. LIMIT ALL SHOPPING TO 2 HOURS – Put a time-frame on it so if you’re in by 9 AM, you’re out by 11 AM, which is when the crowds start to swell.

5. MAKE A LIST BEFORE YOU GO – Know what you’re there for so you don’t find yourself hanging out looking for things to buy and thereby buying more.